Do you feel isolated
and as if
other people
think you’re weird?

Would you like to form connections with people who will validate your feelings and support your growth?

We know that you feel as if there is no-one out there that understands
what you are going through.

But we have been there too. Everyone who follows a spiritual path has to go through some tough times… Because that is what gives us the most growth. Look at the strong people you know – the ones who are most like how you would like to be. I guarantee they also have hard times in their past that helped them become the icon you wish you could be.

There is NO REASON why you have to go through this alone.

In fact, you deserve to have the love and support of your family and friends… But often their path is different to yours and the support you want is just not available – leaving you feeling isolated and as if everyone thinks you’re weird.
You are NOT weird and you are NOT nuts!

You are a loving, special person who is choosing to look deeper both at the world around you and inside your own heart. You want to know not just how, but WHY things are the way they are – and what your place in this universe is. You, my friend, are exactly the person we are looking for.

We will help you to get the connection you NEED with both like-minded

There is a place for you in our Spiritual Meet-Up group. We meet weekly at Happiness House and we are led by John Vincent Reid – a very special person who has a heart full of love and mind full of knowledge. His spiritual connection is strong and he is in touch with his inner guidance as well.
You are welcome to make a donation

John would like you to show your support for the work he is doing and for providing this opportunity for you to connect with other people by making a donation.

This is your chance to feel connected and embraced on your loving journey through this life.

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You details are safe with us. We will not share them with anyone else. Ever.
Happiness House is at
22a Wolfe Street
New Zealand

Some of our work can be done online as well as in person.