Emotional Trauma - when you are struggling to live well
We all have times when we are down and cannot cope.

Mostly we bounce back and carry on. But some experiences leave deep scars that stop us from living a happy, fulfilling life.

Physical and/or emotional trauma can leave lasting scars. It's actually more common to have emotional scars than to not have them.

“When suffering (C)PTSD, depression is going to show up somewhere down the line. It is one of those symptoms that is almost always present with a post-traumatic state.” Roland Bal
Your body is the vehicle you drive through this life. Sometimes your vehicle doesn't function they way that you want it to.

The 'whys' vary -
   - maybe your chose this before you were born
   - maybe your body is storing injury trauma
   - maybe you're just unlucky
   - maybe you have not eaten well enough
   - or maybe it's another reason.

While the 'whys' matter, what matters more is where you go from here.

Health Trauma - when your body is in dis-ease
When you are feeling connected to your higher self, to spirit, to God, or however your see that special connection we all crave - then life flows with ease and confidence.

However most of us struggle to maintain that connection and need to take time away from our devices and really connect with our higher levels of consciousness.
Spiritual Trauma - when you feel disconnected